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theoriginaldramaqueen asked:
Korra kissed a man in a relationship with another woman. Mako kissed her back, cheating on his gf and then lied to his gf about it. Korra was beyond rude toasami simply because she was dating Mako. Korra, who knew Bolin liked her, used him to make Mako jealous. So excuse me but yes I think korra and Mako deserve the hate they recieved cause they were in the wrong. And Mako and korra’s relationship was beyond rushed. No way are they in love. Thats just a joke.

Korra kissed a man in a relationship with another woman. Mako kissed her back, cheating on his gf and then lied to his gf about it.

Let’s take this situation into account here. Korra has admitted to Mako that she likes him… and he actually lies to her and says he doesn’t feel the same way because:

  • He already has a girlfriend
  • His brother likes her.

That’s like getting caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s never easy to choose. Who’s the easier choice, here? Asami, who helped him and his brother pay up for the Championship Pot? Or Korra, the one who helped him save his brother and without whom their chances in the tournament were almost non existent because Hasook abandoned them?

So yeah, he’s in a situation where he likes Korra, already has a girlfriend, and now his little brother, who’s the one person he cares about the most up until that point, likes Korra, too. So he can’t give in to that. Not without hurting people he cares about. But he doesn’t want his relationship with Korra, even as friends, to suffer. Because that’s what they are first and foremost. Friends. They disagree and argue, yes. But in the end, they’re ready to work together.

So that’s why he goes to explain. He tries to tell her that he likes her, but it really isn’t that simple. Again, let’s look at Korra’s perspective. She’s been rebuffed by the first guy she’s ever liked… and now she has to work with him. Is that an easy situation? But she gave them her commitment. And she wants to see it through. So her response when he rebuffed her was, “Forget I ever said anything.” That’s real easy to do, right? He knows she likes him, but there’s also no way he’s going to like her back. He does, but she doesn’t know that… at least until he tries to explain.

So what does this feel like to her? I mean, really. She’s having to work with the guy she’s admitted her feelings to. Someone who won’t reciprocate. She’s even trying to deal with the fact that he’s seeing someone else, albeit bitterly. So when he tells her that he likes her, too, it’s kinda confusing. Like… he’s seeing someone else, but he says he likes her. What was she supposed to do? She followed her instincts and kissed him. Was it the best idea? No, but it doesn’t warrant all the hate they’ve been getting, either.

He kisses her back because he likes her, too. And he can’t deny that. Had they not seen Bolin, they’d probably have talked it over, later. Looked like they were considering it, at least. Now there’s no faulting Bolin for this, really, but I’m just saying that had he not been there, maybe things would’ve gone differently.

Quite honestly, they didn’t pursue it later. Mako chose to stay with Asami and Korra kept her distance. The rest you’ve already seen on the show. Mako’s feelings grow to a point where he can’t deny them anymore. And he realizes he loves Korra. Things like this happen in real life. Maybe that’s why people can’t take it. Maybe it hit too close to home for them to appreciate it. But that really doesn’t warrant hating the characters.

To tell you the truth, this situation reminds me a little bit of Sokka and Yue. And I’ll tell you why. He immediately falls for her and tries to ask her out. She remains stoic until he mentions how he understands a Princess like her would never fall for someone like him. She kisses him, he kisses her back… and then she tells him she’s engaged. Not just seeing someone else, but… promised to someone else in marriage. A much more serious commitment. Not only do they keep Hahn in the dark about it, but also continue seeing each other and getting into sticky situations like going for a ride on Appa where they almost kissed a second time, knowing full well what’s going on.

Now I’m not saying this diminishes Yue’s sacrifice. It doesn’t. What she did was very brave of her. But when it comes to the question of loyalty, it’s the same thing, isn’t it? Or probably worse. Because arranged marriage or not, it’s a promise you have to keep. Hahn might not want to get married, either. Do you think he’d be happy to find out that she’s in love with someone else? Then why is Yuokka or whatever you want to call it so popular and loved by the fandom when Makorra gets so much hate? Even though what Mako and Korra did was much less hurtful than what Sokka and Yue did? Consider that.

And honestly, Mako never exactly lied about the kiss. He just never told her. Should he have told her? Yes. But he didn’t. Probably because he didn’t feel the need to… or because he really had chosen to stay with Asami and didn’t want to hurt her.

Korra was beyond rude toasami simply because she was dating Mako. Korra, who knew Bolin liked her, used him to make Mako jealous.

Assuming a little too much, aren’t we? When was Korra rude to Asami? Did she scowl at her and call her names? Did she demean her in public? She simply chose to ignore her. Which was the best she could do in that situation. As for Korra ‘using’ Bolin, I don’t buy it. Korra doesn’t seem like the petty type to use someone to get to someone else. Plus, she did sincerely apologize to Bolin for hurting him. So I don’t see why that should be held over her head for eternity.

And Mako and korra’s relationship was beyond rushed. No way are they in love. Thats just a joke.

You’re entitled to your opinion just as I’m entitled to mine. I say we saw development in every episode since they met. You don’t see it, then I can’t make you. However, I would question how you can decide they’re not in love after they explicitly admitted it to each other and how their actions clearly reflected their feelings. No joke.

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